behaviour consulting

Animals matter, and so do animal-owner relationships!
Our Animal behaviour consultant, Tracey Lander, will help you manage and modify problem behaviour, creating a better life for your dogs and their owners - these sessions are one on one and are generally done in the home environment, or at the place where you are experiencing the problem
Some of these problematic area's include: 

- Aggression
· Anxiety
· Destructive chewing
· Digging
· Disobedience
· Dominance
· Escaping
· Excessive barking
· Fighting
· Hypersexuality
· Hyperactivity
· Inappropriate toileting
· Incompatibilities
· Manias
· Neuroses, phobias
· Scratching
· Self-mutilation
· Spraying
· Tail-chasing
· Vocalising
· Wool and clothing sucking

A Little bit about Tracey Lander - our ABC Accredited Consultant

Tracey has a rich history in dog training and animal behaviour; starting out over 14 years ago and over this time achieving honours across a variety of disciplines.

Her interest in Canine behaviour was sparked with the rescuing of a cross bred dog from the S.P.C.A in the late 1990’s. Tracey embarked on a learning journey starting under the guidance of the late Professional Odendaal by the successful completion of his Ethology programme in 2001 and has continued through the exploration of clicker training and a wider understanding of learning theory as explored by top behaviorists and canine competitors from around the world.

She competes nationally in agility and flyball with her own dogs and has assisted a number of families with the resolution of day to day relationship problems they may be experiencing with their dogs.

Accredited as a behaviourist through the S.A.B.C.A.P (South African Board for Companion animal practitioners), as well as through the Animal Bahavioural Consultants (A.B.C) of S.A Tracey is available for consultation.

contact us should you want further information or to arrange a session.

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