For all your Dog training needs in Lonehill , from Puppy socialization to advanced training
Founded in 1994 - Dog Handling Techniques is based in Lonehill - and will fulfill all your dog training and obedience requirements. Dog Training is an important part of any dog's life and improves character, confidence and stability. It is vital in helping the dog to adapt to the role it has to play as part of the family.
class times
All dog training classes are held at the Lonehill Play Park, Calderwood Road, Lonehill.

Puppy class
Saturday 10h00 - 11h00
Basic Handling
Saturday 09h00 - 10h00
Intermediate Handling
Saturday 10
h00 - 11h00
Advanced / Intermediate Handling
Saturday 09h00 - 10h00
Advanced Training
Sunday 09h00 - 10h00

tuition fees

Class fees are payable on a monthly basis for group tuition.
Puppy Class fees are R 600 per course (this is a 6 week course).
Please contact us to find out the start of the new course
Basic Obedience , Intermediate and Advanced handling : R 400 per month,
for 4 lessons in a month for the 1st Dog
Lessons are run over 4 Saturdays or Sundays in a month,
and are closed on the 5th Saturday in the month

Click here to download our application form, which must be completed and brought with you to your first class

Click here to download our Puppy Owner's Guide

Please contact Gia for further information 084 566 5000 or doghandlingtechniques@gmail.

conditions of tuition
All owners need to sign a DHT indemnity form. 
All Dog Vaccinations need to be up to date. 
No Dogs with communicable diseases should knowingly be brought to class. 
All handlers should have dogs on a leash and under control during class times.