Always be happy to see those you love.

Approach each day and each new experience with enthusiasm (even a walk).

Never underestimate the power of praise.

Play every chance you get.

Don't be afraid to show your joy! When you are happy - show it. Wiggle and wag.

Take lots of naps and always stretch and yawn before you get up.

Never turn down a car ride with someone you love.

Be loyal.

Lounge under a tree in the shade on a hot day.

Every once in a while put your head out the window and feel the air on your face and hair.

Have a favourite toy.

Don't hold a grudge.

When someone is having a bad day - nuzzle him gently.

If you feel like it, shake and let the drool fly.

Eat each meal with vigour and enjoy anything that's offered.

Sleep in any position you find comfortable.

Scratch where it itches.

Protect and defend those you love.

What you look like doesn't matter - it's what is in your heart (and the way someone rubs your tummy).

Enjoy every day to it's fullest - even if you are sick, in pain, deaf, blind, wheelchair (cart) bound or just not mentally all there.

Take pride in following the rules.

Accept praise and attention without giving excuses.

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